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Truth be told, modern problems need modern solutions is a concept well understood. Baldness and hair loss has been a prime problem in men and women that has been haunting us from a while. With the introduction of hair transplantation techniques, the procedure has come a long way from Punch Hair Transplant to FUE Hair Transplant. FUE is a common technique employed all across the world for no visible scarring in a donor area.

The process involves the extraction of grafts as individual follicular units in possibly two steps or three steps. However, the method of implantation remains similar as was in FUT. FUE allows breaking several limitations allowing us to achieve a whopping amount of more than 1000 grafts in a single day without breaking a sweat.

Manzoor Hair transplant in Karachi specializes in FUE transplant in Karachi due to the availability of some of the best doctors at disposal that makes us distinct from others. FUE transplant is a specialized technique that works for all kinds of hair transplant. Be it, mustache, eyebrow, beard, or eyelash hair transplants. FUE is a technique that can easily work for each of the above-mentioned types of hair transplant and we are its MASTREO.

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