Pre Operative Instruction

In order to prepare your surgery in the best possible manner, please observe the following instructions.
• On the day of your Hair Transplant Surgery, please take a shower or bath and wash your hair with a normal shampoo. Please try to avoid using any type of hair spray or other lotions.
• It is very important to have a good breakfast the morning of your surgery.
• If you are a smoker, it is recommended to avoid smoking 24 hour prior to surgery.
• Please do not drink any type of alcohol during the 3 days preceding your surgery.

Post Operative Instruction

After Having your Surgery you Should Care the follow the instruction given below
• The first night is the most important. Avoid touching the grafts because they could fall out of the incisions.
• Sleep in a semi-upright position: try to sleep with 2 or 3 pillows to elevate your head.
• You can use shampoo 48 hours after surgery and, then, every day during at least 1 week.
• Use a ph-balanced shampoo.
• Do not put oil or water on your head for first 48 hours.
• Avoid injury or scratching on the area where hair transplant procedure has been done, for 10 days . 10 days.
• Do not forget to get the stitches removed after 10 days of the procedure.
• For initial 10 days comb carefully at the area of surgery.
• Avoid wearing a cap for 3 days.
• Avoid swimming and jogging for 15 days.
• Avoid weight lifting and heavy exercise for one month.