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CROWN HAIR LOSS – Facts and the treatments

Do you know the hair you see is actually a dead keratin cell? It is made up of protein that is produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of the skin. The average hair in an adult is about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. Normal daily hair loss for a person is 100, which is quite normal and doesn’t necessarily cause alarm.
Hair usually tends to become thin at the crown with the passage of age. In men, it begins two-third of their age and about 85% of hair loss in men occur when they reach their 50s. In males, it is usually hereditary and could be linked to male sex hormones. It usually begins above both the temples and spreads to create an ‘M’ shape kind of hairline. It also hits as thinning of hair at the crown and progresses as partial to complete baldness. Whereas during hair loss in females, they generally become thinner all over the head.
Alopecia could be the result of hormonal imbalances, genetic, stress, drugs, childbirth, burn, injuries, and there are many other causes. With plenty of hair loss treatments, hair transplantation is one of the best options for harvesting follicles from the back of the head that are actually DHT (direct hair transplant) resistant and helps in bald areas. Whereas FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the finest procedure when it comes to crown transplantation specifically. It’s the procedure where it involves the surgical procedure of intimidating the hair follicle from the donor area i.e., the side of the back head, and transferring it into the affected crown area.

One should seek professional help and consult a good hair transplant surgeon to find the best suitable treatments for them.

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