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What are The Chances Of Side Effects From Hair Transplant

What are The Chances Of Side Effects From Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a modern technique that aims to resolve the issue of hair loss by restoring hair growth in those areas of the scalp that are most affected by impartial growth or absent growth. Therefore, hair transplants have been one of the best ways to go forward in cse of hair loss.

The sheer effectiveness of the complete process is widely applauded throughout the world. Despite the wide recognition of hair transplant techniques that involve various methods and strategies, there are some drawbacks or side effects of this process. Since hair loss and hair thinning is a common sight observed in case of aging, people nowadays are heavily emphasizing on looking young, so the trend of hair transplant is growing.

There are two major methods of hair transplant that involves following techniques:

Follicular Unit Srtrip Surgery (FUSS)
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Both techniques are remarkable and effective in their own cases, but despite the efficacy of the complete process, some side effects have been observed that need to be addressed as well. But believing over the facts and guidelines provided, it is clearly stated that hair transplants are a safe and effective strategy if an experienced and qualified surgeon is performing it. Even though the success rate is convincingly high, some tiny side effects may arise.


Sometimes after performing FUSS, scars may remain over the scalp both over the donor area and transplanted area. However, this long line of scar emerging at the donor area can get camouflage as soon as the new hairs grow back.

Pain & Swelling

After the complete procedure of hair transplant, some people may experience pain in that transplanted area which is usually coped up with the help of analgesics (pain relievers). However, swelling is one another symptom that is also observed but it fades away as the skin starts to heal.


If truth be told, hair transplant is comparatively a very safe and effective procedure that shows positive results majority of the times. However, one should consult with the surgeon before getting operated. Still the side effects are there, but worth the cost!

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