MHT Best Hair Transplant in karachi

Is DHT (Direct Hair Transplantation) a good option?

Hair transplantation is the safest and most common cosmetic surgery procedure. In the past years, because of changes in techniques, hair transplantation can now be used as a reasonable option for both male and female patients who are responsive to gain benefits from medical treatments and surgical procedures.

There are a bunch of surgical and non-surgical procedures available for the treatment of baldness where direct hair transplant is individualized as one of the best and safest hair transplant processes because it’s the most effective procedure in all other methods of implantation. Follicular unit extraction and direct hair transplantation have gone through a big revolution with the best possible results in hands.

The survival rate of harvested grafts in Direct Hair Transplantation depends on many factors like taking care of proper hydration, cold temperature, and reducing mechanical handling and asepsis. One of the most effective treatments provided at Manzoor hair transplant Clinic is direct hair transplantation (DHT), which is the most immediate procedure of hair transplant one can have without delay. The DHT is extremely safe for your follicular health with a 99% survival rate, where we remove hair follicles from one of the most effective donor areas, one after one, using a very fine extraction with a diameter of 1mm or less. Then we place the hair single-use implanter directly on the treatment area.  Direct hair transplant is one of the most successful treatments we provide at Manzoor Hair Transplantation Clinic with the help of our experts to provide you 100% best results with the satisfaction of our valued patients.

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