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What you need to know about FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

Follicular unit extraction dates back to Japanese Okuda where they reported that follicles could be cored and plucked out of the donor area and freed at its upper attachment. Whereas as compared to FUT, the FUE procedure eliminates the need to toll a donor strip and can be performed by the surgeon. The removal of the individual follicular unit grafts from the harvested tissues is an intensive process that can be performed in different sessions of hair transplantation.

Here at our Manzoor hair transplantation clinic the follicular unit extraction technique is being widely and popularly used for harvesting grafts for hair transplantation procedures. The procedure refers to the use of small punches to remove drafts and develop to accommodate the varying nature of skin that results in hair restoration. It may have temporary side effects but they go away with the passage of time. Follicular unit extraction has become more popular in passing times. It’s more likely to lead to a ‘hair plug’ kind of a look, the treatment works best on patients with thinning or balding issues. One can’t avail of the treatment if they don’t have enough thick and healthy hair on the rest of their head or on the side to use for hair transplantation. Manzoor hair transplantation clinic offers the best services to treat baldness or hair loss. FUE at Manzoor hair clinic is considered to be the safest and most result-oriented treatment that works with 100% results.

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