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Best Technologies

At MHT we provide the most recent Hair Transplant Techniques that is why you don’t have to suffer pain or any after-treatment marks

Free Consultation

Don’t pay for your diagnosis /consultation session. Just book your appointment and get free advice according to your hair problem.

Complete Follow-Up

A client’s complete satisfaction is our concern. We also provide post-treatment regular follow-up sessions to completely fulfil our duty

About Dr. Manzoor Q.Unar

Our chairperson at MHT, Dr. Manzoor Q.Unar is a faculty of MBBS at LUMCH, Jamshoro Sindh Pakistan, and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in the USA. With experience of more than 4000 surgeries, he upholds great expertise in hair transplant treatments. He has always been consistently engaged to take on the best in treatment innovation and sufficient administrations. His major goal is to meet the needs of all clients regardless of the fact how complicated their hair problems are.

About MHT

At Manzoor hair transplant we offer the best FUE and PRP transplant treatments. We are firmly focused to fill in as many individuals deprived of top-notch types of assistance with extraordinary consideration. Also, we are highly committed to the people who have endowed us with a change they can have a pleasing outlook on.

We have the most exceptional FUE treatment division and the best PRP treatment facilities. We follow all the high-level precautionary measures, SOPs, and conventions for our customers.

With more and more people coming around, MHT has lived to the expectations of all by providing some of the most phenomenal results at a comparatively faster pace – under the guidance of the most skilled team to generate results at par with the best in business. The miraculous transformations we have observed before and after the treatment in just 7 months of the period, themselves signify the expertise and experience of our staff and that’s what we all stand for.

We do Treatments for

At Manzoor Hair Transplant you can get a range of services. We not only do Hair Transplants for the crown but we also fill-up the blank patches in your beard or mustache. You can also contact us if you need dense eyebrows or eyelashes.

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Crown Transplant

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Beard Transplant

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Mustache Transplant

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Eyebrows and Eyelash Transplant

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Say About Us

I got my natural hair back with no pain and all gain! The whole experience was pretty smooth and hassle free. The FUE hair transplant boosted my confidence and made me look great. Manzoor Transplant magically transformed my whole personality with so much ease that it left me astounding.I am happy with my hair transplant results.

Mr.Mukhtar Manzoor's Client

I was facing the challenge of hair loss and hair thinning at different patches of my head. PRP transplant by Manzoor Hair Transplant was the ultimate solution to all my hair problems. Through PRP I got the hair thinning to be reversed in to thicker hair and had rapid hair growth in hair follicles. This process brought back my hair that looked natural and healthy and relieved my of all my hair worries.

Muhammad Danish Manzoor's Client

I got my hair restored by choosing PRP Transplant at Manzoor Hair Transplant. After all the sittings, going through this treatment, I realized that it’s a dream come true for all those who are losing their hair. I really have my hair back. With PRP my hair have grown back and increased my hair thickness and density.Thanks to Dr. Manzoor Q. Unar

Mr.Iqbal Manzoor's Client

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